Everyone occasionally has ‘aha’ moments or revelations.  Mine are often unpredictable in nature but I have a recurring one. Some events trigger my awe for the incomprehensible wildness of the natural universe.  Many years ago when I fully realized and “grok’ed” what evolution actually implied and meant, I was not only mind-blown, but every time something happens that brings this into focus, I often re-experience that profound impact. evoLife_of_PisurfaceThe imagining of how everything in nature has actually unfolded is a powerful spiritual brew for me. It’s both spectacularly beautiful on the one hand yet a little unsettling on the other – because it is ultimately unpredictable, uncontrollable and wild.

Human cultural evolution itself has dramatically stepped up in last hundred years. Every decade the rate of change in all human endeavors has accelerated almost exponentially.  At this point no person, group or institution can completely comprehend it, or even track it.  Although we have many social scientists, big thinkers and even think tanks dedicated to analyzing, calculating, projecting, and predicting world trends, while this can produce some value, it is ultimately not enough. We are part of, and headed for a future world that we can’t predict,..a world that will emerge just as wildly as human eyes gradually evolved from photo sensitive cells on primitive organisms.  Whether it’s a black swan event in the financial world,.. the unanticipated effects of cyber war, ..or on the positive side,… serendipitous prosperity resulting from a convolution of cultural and technological forces, we’re in for a wild ride, and no matter what we have previously predicted and expected, I’m sure the forces of nature – both human and otherwise, will surprise us in ways we can’t anticipate.  The world is always wilder than we already think it is!!