About 10 years a go I was entering a new phase of my life and exploring what to do next. I decided it would help if I could assess what was happening in various camps, technology, art, etc. – to find the cutting edge of what was happening in the different fields.

I decided to use the internet to “try” to find where it was all going. Not only to find the frontier of known areas, but also learn about new things that were just emerging. It was mind boggling! I learned a lot but felt like Alice in Wonderland walking into a surrealistic telescoping hall that kept extending out in front of me. The more I saw and learned, the longer the hall became, and the greater the world of unknowns grew too!

At times there were plateaus where I felt,,…  Oh I think I’m just about “there”,…at the  cutting edge of some frontier. But then invariably something new and unexpected would pop up and surprise me, leaving previous plateaus less relevant and sometimes even obsolete. There always seemed to be something new emerging!

Up until 100 years ago, a person could ‘possibly’ keep up with world trends.  But things have accelerated almost exponentially in each subsequent decade.  The velocity of change in culture, communication, science,…in almost everything, is accelerating so fast that no one person, group, or institution can anticipate it or even track it.

This adds to everyone’s anxiety in every way!  Professions and required skill-sets are changing faster than people can reeducate themselves. Current technologies and businesses rapidly become non-competitive, or even obsolete causing massive unpredictable economic disruptions.

So what to do? Profound social, economic, and technological disruption that can’t be adequately anticipated!

For me, I try to relax and accept that the world will always change, ..and in unpredictable ways. I’ll keep my eyes open, accept the uncertainty and realize that if there is a cutting edge, at best it’s a fuzzy telescoping expanding hall out in front of me.

Just enjoy the ride!